Doing my workout today, I did the body weight bit but not the running, for a couple of reasons – its dark and rainy. Not really an excuse, I should just get on with it (I’ve always loved the Nike tag line  – Just do it, makes a lot of sense!), I might well go do it now if its stopped raining but it reminded me of a chat I was having with my housemate the other day.

Basically he believes he is a perfectionist, to the point where if he has a deadline for work and he hasnt left him self enough time to do it he won’t because he hasn’t got the time to make it Perfect. Which for him is a very un-useful position to be in as his work either never gets done or is always late.

I read something somewhere the other day that basically said this:

“Rather than expect perfection everyday instead strive to do 1% more than the previous day”

Or something along those lines. It makes sense, just think how much better a person I could be if i just did 1% better every day. It also stops people getting tied up in my friends situation, just every day do a little better than the day before and don’t expect perfection and over time you will have improved as a person.

I’ve slightly gone of the point, which was basically that even if I don’t go for a run tonight and do it tomorrow, I am not going to beat myself up, I am not going to give up because today has been a better day than yesterday and if tomorrow is a better day again then that is improvement and that is all I want anyway.

There is one final quote, again I can’t remember the author and the quote exactly (and google is not helping, I thought it was Mark Twain but I’m not so sure…) but it went a bit like: “Put something off for a day and it won’t get done for a week”. This used to ring very true with the old me but the new me will definitely go for a run tomorrow because I am aware that it will only benefit me by getting on will only lead to the improvements I want to see in myself and the person I want to be.

Long story short: Get On With Things, Don’t fuss if I go wrong/miss out just keep looking forward and to just strive for a bit better every day.


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