Fitness log – week 2 and 3

I didnt do anything for three days, it was Christmas and I hadn’t expected to get much done anyway.

A last minute skiing holiday with my dad was six days of intense exercise, which was good, but also a lot of eating and drinking, not so good. How the Swiss always look so fit when their diet seems to consist of nothing but break, wine and cheese I don’t know!

After the holiday I am now feeling very sore, especially my knees which are usually no problem. I did go for a 3 hour walk with the dog today in the lovely North downs of Kent, I feel great! Walking for me is a very good method for stress relieving.

Training will begin again properly on Monday once I’m at university. The plan is to keep up the fitness from last week, lets go!

Sunday morning I went for an hour long swim, front crawl really tires me out I don’t use my legs enough and I always seem out of breath. I end up doing one fast length of crawl then a recovery length of breastroke, I’d rather just keep doing a lazy crawl up and down (and up and down….). I used to swim competitively a few years ago, our standard warmup was 16 lengths! The fitness will return, eventually!


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