Fitness log – Week 5 (14/01)


Squash lessons – I’ve started a series of 8 beginner lessons, its not much exercise but it is good skill training and does involve a fair bit of running around.

I attempted to go outside and do my body weight training but it had snowed and there was a nice 2 inch crust everywhere making press ups a bit cold. I spent 20mins hanging around on the pull up bar doing 2/3 reps with as little rest between as possible.


With the Surf society at University we’re swimming the thames in about mid February for Charity – I think we’ve got to swim something like 40k!! They rent a lane at the pool on campus every Wednesday for an hour and everyone gets together for a swim – I’m trying to increase my fitness and I think I’m slowly seeing improvements.

I’ve signed myself up for 1.5k which is 60 lengths of a pool although obviously we’ll be swimming in a river, colder and no sides to push off from! There is no time limit so ill just swap between breaststroke and front crawl.

On Wednesday I swam for about 40 minutes, I was a bit late to the session.


Circuit training in a squash court – 1hour


MORE SNOW! Went to a local hill and spent an hour throwing ourselves down it on anything we could find! Ended up covered in mud and grass and freezing cold – totally worth it!


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