Fitness log – Week 6 (21/01)


Attempted L3D3 (16 pull ups, 33 push ups and 33 squats) but didn’t make the time, took me 6 minutes and it needs to be less than 5 to move up.


Squash lessons and messing around with a friend – 2 hours of fun!


Went for a swim for 45 minutes, still in training for the Thames swim in a few weeks time. I said I’d do 2k – approximately 80 lengths – but it won’t be at any great speed!

Seeing as I didnt make the cut on monday and progress to level 4 its back to level 3 again, L3D1 (2 pull ups, 3 push ups, 5 squats) as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes –  I managed 13! It was going really well until I felt a twinge in my shoulder and I am now sitting here in agony, it hurts to move my head ahh! Note to self: More thorough warm up needed!!


I didnt make circuit training on Thursday as I was still too sore but I did go for a 45 mintue swim on Friday before a lecture. I need to try and aim for 50 non-stop lengths in the next couple of weeks to ensure I’m on track for the Thames swimming challenge.


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