Life update – 01/03/13

Right so today is the first of March and I should be reporting massive gains having spent the last few (5 and a half!) weeks failing to keep this blog up to date but still hopefully working out. Unfortunately I have something grave to admit, I have completely fallen off the bandwagon.

The injury I sustained all those weeks ago was/is a spasming trapezoid muscle, mainly on the left. I went to see a physio for a free 20 minute consulting session, fortunately his earlier patient had failed to turn up so I got a good half an hour with him. He gave me a very painful but relieving massage of sorts, digging his fingers into bits of my muscle that were the most sore. Something about the layers of muscle fusing together and them not being able to relax seemed to be my problem.

Since then I really haven’t done much. The swimming has been completely neglected; the Thames swim has been put of until the summer. I’ve made half of my squash lessons and a couple of the circuit training sessions.

What I have got though is a JOB. Next year I will be living above a bar, infamous in Leamington Spa for its Eliminator drink –  a concoction of vodka, rum, blue curacao, taboo and martini topped up with a pint each of orange juice, energy drink and Lambrini. Guaranteed to be a night ender if not handled with respect. Also the bar is just ridiculously cheap on a Thursday, £1.50 pints and double house spirit and mixer say what?!

Any way as we went in to sign our contract on the flat above it I casually asked if there was any work going. He replied with a big positive yes, they love the tenants upstairs working behind the bar, I guess because there’s no “ooh sorry the bus was late”. There is no real excuse if you live upstairs!

I am absolutely loving work. The other staff are a great bunch of people, the music is varied (between SICK and well hmmmm….) but the atmosphere is always lively (if only because drunken local A smacked drunken local B before both were forcefully removed). It pays minimum wage but if I can do 2 or 3 till close shifts a week ill easily be able to double my weekly spending money – hopefully I might even put some of it away for useful things!

One final great thing about this new job is that it keeps me out of the house. No more worrying what the ex girlfriend is up to, who shes having round etc etc I can just go out for work, get back at 4ish in the morning and pass out. The worst bit about work is that its turning me nocturnal, one shift ended at 5.15AM and I’m pretty sure I didn’t get out of bed the next day till about 4PM! Ridiculous time spent laying around in bed! Something I need to sort out really…

Final end to this update –  I am currently in a pub in Weymouth on the South Coast, I could just be leaving on surf tour with the club at Uni for a SICK weekend away but seeing as my mums booked a cute little place we’re all getting together as a family to spend the weekend going for walks and (fingers crossed!) munching some of the best battered fish and chips in the world!

In two weeks time term 2 will have ended and I’ll be leaving with some friends for a week in Les Arcs, gonna tear up some jumps and shred some POW!! Therefore I have two weeks to (try and) get into shape for the Easter holiday and also pull my finger out (read: GET BACK ONTO THE BANDWAGON) with regards to Uni work, shits starting to get serious!

Till the next update, which hopefully wont be over a month again, PEACE OUT!


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