It’s all going swimmingly…

So here I am, a few days in to my new start/routine/existence and it’s all going well.

Sunday afternoon I cooked my first roast dinner in quite a while, I did a large roast chicken smeared with a thyme/garlic/rosemary butter (also forced between the skin and meat of the breast) and stuffed with a warm, pricked lemon, garlic and more herbs, and some roast courgette and onions.

I normally roast a chicken in this big roasting tray I had but tried it in my casserole dish on a bed of onions. This made making the gravy easy peasy as just had to pick up the chicken once it was done and let all its juices drain back into the pan. The pan could then go back onto the hob where I added a chicken stock pot, some white wine and a bit of water. I scraped anything on the sides of the pan into the gravy and reduced to a nice consistency.

I did cheat and have a beer (homemade at least!) but I felt it was justifiable as I’d only eaten breakfast that day.



After din dins I removed all the leftover chicken meat from the bones which I put back into my casserole dish with a glug of vinegar, a few whole black peppercorns and filled with cold water.

This I left on the hob for a couple of hours before straining the liquid off and adding in finely chopped onions, carrots, celery and peppers with a tin of tomatoes, tin of sweet corn and a chicken stock pot. Left this to simmer for an hour or so and – ta da! Soup for the week!



I went for a swim on Sunday, I haven’t got my funky speedo’s with me at the moment so a pair of shorts had do to, they were a bit of a drag….! Did 60 lengths but I’ve definitely lost a lot of fitness over the holidays, I ended up doing a load of 100m sets, interspersed with kicking and stroking (?) sets using the floats thrown in, resting as needed between them all.

Stayed at my girlfriends that night and left my shorts and towel there, major bummer, so didnt swim Monday. On Tuesday I was a bit caffeined up and needed to go expend some energy. On campus now they have these outdoor bodyweight ‘gym’ machine things – tagline “Workout like your inside, outside!”. Only three offered enough resistance to be useful, the dip bars, then a chest press and shoulder pull sort of machine, did 3 sets going from one to the other, max reps each time. If I slowed the movement down (3s/3s) then number of reps was 8-12.

I had a membership (£5 a week!) in term 1 to a gym that was literally 5 minutes walk from my house, however with this new schedule I want to be in for exams (namely leaving the house around 7.30am and returning around 7.30pm) I don’t want to by gyming before or after. The gym on campus is amazingly new and modern but also expensive – I think ill try and do these outside exercises a few times a week, if only because they’re more fun than press ups and they’re outside and free!

Anyway, everything’s off to a great start and now its time to get back to revision!





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