The Bromlette

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I will introduce to you what is probably the cornerstone of my daily routine. The one thing keeping me from cornflakes and insanity – the Bromlette.

What is a ‘Bromlette’ I hear you cry?! Aside from being a surname, it is also short for Breakfast Omelette, and it looks like this:


THAT is a Bromlette. A delicious combination of cheese, eggs, butter and chives, “Omelette aux fines herbes” if you’re French, or a “French omelette” if you’re everyone else.

It’s taken me a few attempts and an hour or so on youtube to perfect it, but, I now believe my bromlette to be second to none. The trick, I’ve learnt, is to quickly mix and agitate the egg/chive/cheese mixture as soon as its been poured it into a hot, buttered pan, to ensure the ‘curds’ (the folds of cooked egg) stay as small as possible, resulting in a smoother overall texture. Once it’s half way to scrambled eggs, stop mixing and spread it out with the back of a spoon as flat as possible over the pan.Let it cook for a few seconds longer, so it all binds together, then flick over one edge, roll it down to the opposite side of the pan and try and get it onto a plate with the seam facing downwards.

I like mine oozing in the middle, totally colourless, enough cheese so as to taste it but not become overpowering, and big enough (4 eggs) to sustain me till lunch. Served with a black coffee, its “the best a man (or woman) can get” – if Gillette did bromlettes… which they don’t.


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