Manufacturing videos that I does like

Have started a new course here at uni, now on the manufacturing and mechanical stream rather than the pure mechanical. The stuff i’m doing at the moment is WAAYYYYY cooler than what I did last year. It’s also much more my way of thinking, its the application of engineering/science/technology rather than the pure theoretical. I described my course last year as ‘what is the most powerful engine that could theoretically exist’ and this year as ‘well how the bloody hell are we actually going to make it!’. After all, whats the point in spending time thinking and solving problems if the solution is impossible to make. All the modules this year make sense and tie in together and the lecturers are shit hot at what they do. There is also a great bit of discussion that happens during these classroom sized lectures and it feels like being back in A-levels, which I love, so bring on the rest of this year and lets hope I do better than last!

My favourite way at the moment for learning and understanding manufacturing techniques is to watch videos, especially the factory tour variety, so here are a few that I’ve found:

Infact, here’s a whole playlist I’ve just found:

Time to spend a few hours ‘learning’….


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