Body recomposition plan

To reach my goal of 10% bodyfat by end of January (approximately 22 weeks away) I’ve had to get down and dirty with some maths. What follows is a spreadsheet detailing my daily requirements (based on BMR and an activity level multiplier) and my daily allowance (based on the requirements minus a deficit to lose the fat).

This is where I currently stand

This is where I currently stand

This is how I'm going to make it

This is how I’m going to make it

Basically – 19lbs of fat to lose and 22 weeks to lose it. Approx 1 lb a week, or 3500 calories. I am aiming then for around 1850 per day. Following the ideas of Martin Berkhan at Leangains I will increase my calorie intake on training days and decrease on rest. To keep it super simple I’ll stick to 1700 every day and on training days chuck in a 300 calorie post-work out Oats and Whey shake. I’m also fasting for 16 hours a day (nothing but black coffee and green tea) and eating in the remaining 8 hour window – roughly I try for 12 noon till 8pm. I break my fast with a Bromlette (breakfast omlette) and go to the gym around 2pm. The days I’m not lifting weights I try and swim (either 4x400m freestyle at a steady pace or sprints and intervals to get fit for surfing).

1700 calories a day then is my target and I want this to be from a variety of vegetables, plenty of proteins and good, healthy fats. In the next post I’ll detail the basic food plan I’ve written up along with what it costs and how I’ll do it.


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