Food costs

Having defined the problem and then devised a solution today was my first attempt at giving this experiment a go.

I did a shop at Tesco, using their online ‘Click and Collect’ service. I probably spent longer queueing to ‘Collect’ than it would have taken me to park and buy it all but oh well.

A weekly shop looks something like this:

weekly shop

At a total cost of…..£27.85. My training day protein shakes are around 90p each. Green tea was £1 for 50 bags which will last me a few weeks. I end up ripping open 3 teabags, pouring the contents into my french press, covering it in boiling water and leaving it to brew for 10 minutes. I then transfer to a 1L thermos and drink that during the day on campus.

The only extras are: olive oil (which I buy whenever its half price, which is most of the time), unsalted butter, dried chives (super market own brand are sooo much cheaper), s&p, and spices for the veg casserole and chicken. I reckon £30 a week, plus/minus a few quid. It’s still more than some friends of mine spend; a few claim £10 a week – yeah maybe if you’re living off industrial packets of pasta but that’s not what I want to do. I’m happy to spend this amount if it gets me to where I want to be and I enjoy the process. Sticking to a healthy, paleo based diet for £30? I reckon that’s pretty good going.


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