Good morning world!

Welcome to my first post!

This blog will detail me trying to live a healthy and active life whilst eating primally – following a paleo based diet for as little money as possible.

A quick introduction: I am a 23 year old Engineering student, living in the West Midlands in the UK. I have been a follower of the Paleo lifestyle for a number of years – Amazon tells me I purchased a copy of The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson on the 14th January, 2011 – almost exactly 4 years ago! Whilst I have tried to be as strict as possible, being a student has invariably meant I’ve had plenty of late nights, way too much drinking (and so suffering of the subsequent hangovers) and far too many cheat days (and possibly weeks…).

This year, 2015, I have made some firm resolutions to be a bit more strict in my life. This partially coincides with getting older and having an odd sense of slowly running out of time. Yes 23 is still young but I’ve got a growing realisation that I AM growing up, that the days of being a carefree fresher are over and that the life I want to live is awaiting me – I just need to take it!

By the end of this university year and before I go travelling (start of July) my goals are:

  • Bodyfat: Best case 10%. I’d be happy with 12/13% and the minimum I expect is 15%. I’m probably currently around 18-20% and weigh 180lbs.
  • Lifting: Deadlift 5x165kg (currently 140), Squat 5×125 (112.5), Bench 5×90 (67.5), Barbell Row 5×82.5 (57.5), Overhead Press 5×55 (47.5).
  • Degree: Aim for a 1st (>70%) overall this year, minimum 2:1 (>60%) and would be very content with a sold 65%.
  • Money: Be more frugal than I have in the past few years and save money for 2 months backpacking around Asia in the summer with a friend – aiming for £2000.
  • Overall health – continue to meditate, meet people, improve my surfing and enjoy life!

This year has started great! I’m 3/4 of the way through a dry, alcohol free January. My diet so far has been clean, probably due to the lack of alcohol and so subsequent food mistakes! I’ve spent the last few days making a detailed eating plan that provides me with all I need, at minimal cost and maximum satisfaction – more on this to come!

The posts that follow will hopefully focus on the delicious, healthy and fresh food i’ll cook to help me reach my goals and hopefully might inspire others to reach theirs as well, cheers!


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