Chicken breakdown

I thought I’d have a go at answering that age old question – ‘how many calories in a whole chicken and what’s its macro nutrient breakdown?’. I took my boxes of chicken out of the fridge, found some batteries for my scales and started pulling meat from bone from skin with my bare hands. What a morning it has been!

Having an engineering mind I couldn’t really settle for a half-arsed attempt so before I go into all the gory detail, here’s a quick summary:

Half a 1.55kg raw chicken (1 breast, 1 thigh, 1 drumstick), meat and skin only, grilled, contains approximately:

  • 734 calories
  • 34.5g fat
  • 101.3g protein

…which is absolutely perfect for my needs.


chicken weight

Chicken mass

Chicken calories

Chicken calories

There’s definitely a few approximations in there and most of the calorie information was based from the myfitnesspal food database so not entirely verifiable but I think the rough maths stands. One point worth noting: if I ever want to cut more calories in a day then not eating the skin saves me approx 150 kcal with minimal protein loss.


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