Caveman POWER!

There is no point in knowing exactly what I should be eating a day, in what quantities, at what times, etc, if I don’t stick to it! I’m still not seeing the fat loss that I want to (a lovely week spent at home over Easter being a glutton with friends and family didn’t help) and even at conservative target of a pound a week I should, after a few weeks at it, see some real changes on the scale. Well I’m not and I think the reason why is adherence. There always seems to be little things pulling me off the right path – house mates offering a big bag of crisps around – beers with a friend – free lunches on campus (I JUST CAN’T SAY NO!).

If I make the assumption that these little distractions will always be there, and to just enjoy them for what are (fun, social interactions) then I need to make up the difference the next day. So my solution to this is Intermittent Fasting with a much smaller eating window ala Caveman Power.

I found this site  years and years ago but I always thought it was a bit extreme – well after a week of trying it out I have changed my mind entirely. The *basic* premise is to have ONE big feast every evening. No calories at all throughout the day until I get home from Uni (around 6/7pm) then I can have one big meal to hit all my macro goals.


  • Easy compliance – if it has calories during the day – just say NO
  • No more food prep, taking meals to campus, heating them up etc
  • I don’t spend the day brooding on food – I know I can have loads later on, so for the time being just get on with work/gym/whatever

So far I’m loving it – it’s saving me a ton of time, I have great mental clarity and not eating for 22/23 hours at a stretch hasn’t been anywhere near as hard as I first thought! It’s easier to say no to all little offerings throughout the day (green tea only for me) and if I DO cheat, well I can just take it out of the evening feast as it’s normally the last thing I do before bed.

Time will tell if it shows any benefits on the scales…


2 responses to “Caveman POWER!

  1. Interesting stuff. I don’t follow this approach but I have heard a few podcasts with Abel James, “Fat-Burning Man” who is another guy you might like to read up on. He talks a lot about intermittent fasting too. Cheers.


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